Saturday, October 2, 2010

What I've been up to...

These past few weekends have been filled with fun fall craft fairs! I've spend my weekdays creating new items to fill up my booth and the weekends selling my wares. I took this weekend off for my birthday and to have a little more time to make some new items.

And I even created something fun for my booth! A fun, colorful banner! It's cute and it makes my booth stand out from all the rest! Whenever I get some spare time (what is that?) I intend on making some smaller banners for the front of my tables.

I got this great idea from on of my favorite blogs, Craft + Show Designs. I seriously visit this blog weekly even though it isn't updated that often. It's a great blog to check out if you are looking for new display ideas or are a new craft fair person.

And next weekend I'll be back at it again at another fun fall festival! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!