Saturday, August 22, 2009

In the works and some questions

So I have couple new items in the works. First is a new style handbag. I should be finished with it in a couple days to share. So far, I'm loving it! Next is a wristlet clutch. Ya know, something just big enough to throw in your keys, cell phone, and a little money. Something great to carry for running errands. I'm still playing with the pattern for this so it might be a bit longer. Look out for those 2 things in the next week. Maybe posting here will keep me motivated to actually do it. LOL.

Questions for my readers. I'm thinking ahead for the upcoming holiday season and I'm trying to figure out what to stocking up on for my etsy store. What will you be buying for gifts this holiday season? And if your new, I sew handbags, wallets, etc.

Also, what colors are catching your eye for the upcoming fall and winter season? I'm loving darker colors like rust, orange, browns, pretty much any dark, deep print.